Our Flavors

If you like Cheetos or Goldfish, you'll love Cheezo flavored almonds

Just like the ones you get at the fair. Sweet and cinnamony goodness.

Like a Krispy Kreme on an Almond. Silky smooth and delicious

These will burn your mouth, and you'll love it.

The perfect balance between sweet and spice. We don't know what to compare these to but we know they are a top seller.

  • Sally, Mother of 3

    "This is a guilt-free snack! What's not to love? I don't have to worry about my picky eaters - they are into the fun flavors and grab for the almonds instead of the chips so I am a happy parent!"

  • Jon, Farmer

    "My work truck doubles as my office. I don't always have time to stop for lunch so I keep a bag of Giacomazzi Brothers almonds with me in case my day doesn't go as planned. I am never disappointed and I am a happy repeat customer."

  • Bill, HR Manager

    "The Giacomazzi Brothers Gift Boxes are our go to for holiday gifts for our clients and employees. They have quality customer service and a great product that is very popular."

Our Story

Healthy Snacks made by kids

Hi, do you like healthy snacks that taste awesome? We do too! We are Miro (14) & Gio (9) Giacomazzi and we live on an almond farm in California.  We didn't like almonds very much so we added some of our favorite flavors to them and now we think they are amazing. We've heard that almonds are a great source of plant protein, antioxidants, and vitamins.    

But honestly, we don't care about any of that. We like our "fun flavored almonds" because they taste great, and we think you will like them too. If you have a story of a kid that wouldn't eat almonds but likes our products, please let us know on our social media sites.

Click this button to read more about our story and learn about our 5th generation farm that is more than 128 years old.

Our Story