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Giacomazzi Brothers donate 40,000 servings of Almonds to needy children in the south valley

Hi, this is Miro, I would like to tell you why we decided to give almonds away to the food bank.

When our dad said we have to start a business he told us to think about why we wanted a business.  He said making money is one reason for a business but there are other reasons. One of the reasons we learned was to help your community, to help other people that are less fortunate than we are.

Since we own almond trees we thought helping other kids learn to like almonds would be a good idea.  Then we talked about ways to help people that are having a hard time because of Covid and decided it would be a good idea to give away some almonds.

Me and my brother and my dad called the food bank in Fresno and they told us about their school backpack program. What they do is give a backpack of food to a kid on Friday. The backpack has food in it and they take it home to their family.  We thought this would be a good way to get almonds to kids.

The food bank people told us they were going to make 10,000 backpacks for Covid so my dad called some of his friends in the almond business and asked for donations. They gave us 4,000 pounds of almonds to donate.  This is a lot.  Doesn't sound like much but 4,000 pounds of almonds can feed 40,000 kids. 

So we decided to put 4 servings of almonds in each backpack, enough for the whole family to have some. Another interesting thing is that the food bank told us they had never been given almonds before. She said they usually get rice and beans and other food that comes in a dented can or something.

It was cool that we helped get almonds to the food bank for the first time, especially because we know kids will get them and of course, almonds are super food and are really good for your immune system and everyone needs that right now.

We will always use our business to help other people in the future. Maybe you have some ideas? We also will be giving some almonds and asking help supporting CASA of Kings County. Those people help kids with no parents find homes.  We think that is important and hope you do too. So we will leave a link to both groups where you can donate or volunteer.

Also here is the list of people that donated almonds to the food bank with us.

  • Nichols Farms, Hanford
  • Harris Woolf California Almonds, Coalinga
  • Supreme Almonds, Wasco
  • Sierra Valley Almonds, Madera
  • Star Nut Company, Stockton Panoche Creek Almonds, Fresno
  • RPAC, Los Banos

Here are the links to the organizations we are donating to.

Central California Food Bank

Casa of Kings County