Our Story

Hi, we are Miro & Gio Giacomazzi.

We are 12 and 8 and live on an almond farm in Central California.  

Even though we are growing up on an almond farm, we don't like to eat them very much. Our parents say they are healthy and good for us and stuff, but still, they are boring.

So when our dad told us we had to start a business while our school was shut down during the Corona Virus, we decided to make almonds awesome by adding our favorite flavors to them. We like them so much we want to share them with you!!

 About our Farm

Our farm is really old. Over 125 years old. We are the 5th generation on this farm. It was started by our great-great-grandfather Luigi Giacomazzi who moved here from the Italian part of Switzerland. 

He built the water tower in this picture.  That is us with our parents Dino & Julie Giacomazzi, our Nana Jackie Giacomazzi and our Noni Lilia Giacomazzi. She was 105 years old in this picture.

For 126 years our family operated a dairy farm on this property, but in October of 2019 we sold the cows. It was kind of sad to see the cows go. But our dad says 126 years was long enough and is happy to be only farming almond trees.

Other projects

Picking Corn

Giacomazzi Brothers Nut Company is our second business.  Last year we grew and sold corn. We didn't like this business very much because picking the corn made us itchy and we don't really like corn.  But it was fun playing in the corn field with our friends.

The other thing is we could only sell corn for a couple of weeks because the corn doesn't stay fresh very long. With the almonds we can sell them all year long.  So make sure you buy a lot of them, because we will keep making more.
Our Goats
We also raise goats for the fair. These are our two pygmy goats, Licorice & Carmel. We took them to the County Fair last summer. We have two Boer goats for the fair this year that we were raising to sell.  But because of the Corona Virus we think our fair will probably get cancelled. We hope this whole thing get's over before then so we can go to the fair.    
Speaking of the fair, you know we have Churros flavored almonds?  They are amazing and taste just like the Churros at the fair. We think you should try some.
Farm Life
Golf Cart

One of our favorite things to do on the farm is drive the golf cart and the Kubota RTVs. We have some chores like feeding and walking the goats.  We don't get to drive the almond equipment yet but this summer our dad says we are going to be checking drip irrigation and trapping gophers in the RTV. That sounds more like fun than work.


We have a new dog named Foxy. She is a red Queensland Heeler, we got her a few weeks ago when someone abandoned her in one of our almond orchards. My mom fed her a granola bar and now she lives with us.  She loves us and we love her.  She is still a puppy and get's into a lot of trouble. She also bites our legs when we are walking around, she thinks we are cows.

When we are't at the farm we are at home playing Fortnite, Terraria, Undertale, and Minecraft with our friends. We also do piano which we now have lessons by Zoom, just like most everything else we do. 

That's about all there is to know for now.  We will update you every once in awhile on what we are up to. The final picture is one of our family. We hope that your family is doing fine during the Corona virus and hope to hear from you.


Family photo