Bonus Flavor Gift Box with 2 Almond Butters & Honey

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The Christmas gift box includes our standard 4 flavored almonds, 2 flavored almond butters, and a bottle of honey from the bees that pollinate our almond trees.

It also includes a 5th flavored almond only available in this gift box, Blazin' Hot Cheez-O. It's super hot, you'll love it!


  • 5oz Churro Flavored Almonds
  • 5oz Glazed Donut Flavored Almonds
  • 5oz Cheez-O Flavored Almonds
  • 5oz Sweet Sriracha Flavored Almonds
  • 5oz Blazin' Hot Cheez-O Flavored Almonds
  • 8oz Birthday Cake Flavored Almond Butter
  • 8oz Jalapeño Popper Flavored Almond Butter
  • 16oz California Gourmet Honey

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The image depicts the gift box for pickup or local delivery.  Shipped items will come in a smaller box.